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The Theatrical Experience

A Feast for the Senses

Step inside Sonata, and you'll immediately sense the theatrical ambiance. Our dining space is an elegant stage, adorned with captivating artwork from Trish Duggan of Imagine Museum, evoking the vibrant art scene of St. Petersburg. The walls come alive with the work of local artists, their creations changing with the seasons, creating an ever-evolving visual symphony that accompanies your dining experience.

The theater influence is palpable as well, with our commitment to providing impeccable service and an ambiance that complements the performance spirit of Mahaffey Theater. From the dramatic play of light to the attentive choreography of our staff, every aspect of Sonata is designed to make your dining experience an unforgettable act.


A Visual Delight

Art in Every Detail

Beyond the canvas on our walls, every detail within Sonata is carefully crafted to be a work of art. From the presentation of your dish to the elegant table settings, we believe that aesthetics play a vital role in the overall experience. Our bar is a gallery of mixology, offering signature craft cocktails that are both visually stunning and delightfully palate-pleasing. And when it's time to savor dessert, your sweet finale will be a masterpiece of culinary artistry.

At Sonata, dining is a multisensory experience that stimulates your taste buds, ignites your visual senses, and surrounds you with the magic of theater. In our intimate, elegant space in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg, we invite you to join us on this unique culinary journey. At Sonata, we harmonize the Three Arts into a symphony of flavors and experiences, all under the guiding hand of Chef Ted Dorsey, who shares his passion for culture, cuisine, and the arts with the vibrant community of St. Petersburg and beyond.


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The Mahaffey Theater

The Mahaffey Theater is a cultural jewel featuring elegant ballroom space, spectacular waterfront views, and European box-style seating.

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Foundation For The Arts

We provide arts education programs for youth, community outreach programs, and performances as well as concerts for the entire community.

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Imagine Museum

To Inspire by showcasing the creativity of contemporary artists who work in glass from around the world.

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